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KBC Lottery Winner List 2022

Kaun Banega Crorepati is a household name worldwide. Those who love quizzes and testing their knowledge surely love KBC. And not only this, the Indian game show hosted by one of Bollywood’s renowned celebrities has changed the life of many.

But you don’t have to participate to win the prize money. Over the years, KBC has introduced the KBC lottery for people to try their luck at home.

Hence, who is the 2022 KBC lottery winner? Is the KBC lottery winner India 2022 list already out? Here is everything you want to know about it!

What Is the KBC Lottery?

The KBC lottery is prize money given to the person who enrolled himself in the competition through their sim card or lottery card. The show then combines all the entries and picks out a winner by grabbing a ticket number randomly.

But has anyone won the lottery yet? Yes, some people were lucky enough to win the prize money and have changed their life for the better.

The KBC Lottery Winner List 2022Are you looking forward to seeing your name in the KBC lottery winner 2022 list? Whether you have entered through the JIO sim card or any other, you can easily log on to our site and keep yourself updated with the daily lottery winners.

Here are a few of the 2022 KBC lottery Winner but remember, you still have a chance:

  1. Khalid Mehmood Vicky (25 lakhs)
  2. Mansha Jani (35 lakhs)
  3. Sarwar Bacha (25 lakhs)
  4. Asghar Qari (25 lakhs)
  5. Aslam Dodhi (35 lakhs)
  6. Yousaf Sardar (35 lakhs)
  7. Amir King (25 lakhs)
  8. Abid Bhoot Bhoot (25 lakhs)
  9. Ramzan Qamro (25 lakhs)
  10. Irfan Sethi (25 lakhs)
  11. Habib Sethi (35 lakhs)
  12. Faisal Big Show (25 lakhs)

Most of the names in the list are of winners who participated through JIO Lottery. Thus, if you still haven’t tried your luck, we’d say to buy your lottery right away. And because KBC announces winners every day, your chances of winning the cash prize are pretty high!

How to Enter the Lottery?

Unlike the show, you do not need to answer a question to participate. Rather, buy a JIO lottery or a new sim to enter the lucky draw every day the KBC team picks out a winner randomly based on their lottery or sim card number.

Sounds easy? If you still have any questions, log on to the website or call the KBC hotline for further details. Remember, entering the lottery isn’t difficult and it is pure luck whether you win it or not.

Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., the lottery winners are announced based on their lottery or sim card number. Thus, log on to our website to keep updated with the list.

KBC Lottery Winner India 2022

The year 2021 saw a lot of KBC lottery winners who used the prize money to improve their lives. From every corner of the country, people were seen participating in the lottery and trying their luck with many who cherished the fun of winning.

Since the year 2022 started, KBC has announced quite a few winners and there are more to go. You do not need to have worldly knowledge to enter the scheme. Because the win-at-home lottery aims at helping people belonging to the lower or middle-class, all you need is a JIO sim card or any other to win it.

The best part about this lottery is that KBC announces winners every day. In 2022, there are around 12 to 15 people, even more, who have won the lottery to date. If you have a lottery ticket and haven’t won yet, you still have a chance.

Moreover, if you haven’t participated yet, get a sim card or JIO lottery to get your name in the show. And in case of questions and queries, call our representatives for further information.

KBC Lottery Winners 2021

Just in case you are wondering that how many people won the lottery in the year 2021, here is the complete list of the lucky ones:

  1. Rajesh Kumar Jena
  2. Sudhir Ramchandra
  3. Durga Chaudry
  4. Bharat Baburao
  5. Rukmini Kumari
  6. Manish Panwar
  7. Najmul Islam
  8. Javed Chaudry
  9. Anupam Mandal
  10. Akshay Lavate

These and many more people were the winners last year. The prize money ranges from 25 lakhs to 35 lakhs, depending on which lottery have you entered through your ticket number.

Once your lottery number and name are announced on the KBC website, you need to get in touch with the representatives to claim the prize money. Moreover, they will then verify your details and hand you over the cash in the coming few weeks.

The KBC lottery is introduced to facilitate people of lower- and middle-class families who need resources to change their life. It is easy to get your name on the list and try your luck.

Many people have won the lottery to date and the 2022 winners are still being announced. Visit our website to check the updated winner’s list in the hope to find your name too.

And whether you’ve won it or not, in case of any question regarding the procedure, our KBC representatives are available 24×7 to guide and assist you.

How to Buy the Lottery Ticket?

Buy the JIO lottery or sim card from the nearest store to you. Once you have bought the ticket or sim, use the number to enter the lottery. The shopkeeper will be able to guide you and if not, call the KBC hotline for help.

Next, use the same number to log in to the website and make sure your name has been entered. If you are struggling to change your life and need money, there is nothing better than the KBC lottery. All you need is a lottery ticket and luck to win the handsome prize money! We bet, there is nothing more easy than this lottery!

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